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Dual Occupancy Property Development

Dual Occupancy Property Development

Unlock the equity in your property and live the life you want with dual occupancy property development. Whether you’re downsizing or just trying to set yourself up for financial freedom, by way of investment, we can help you with every step along the way.

What is dual occupany?

Dual occupancy is when a block of land that has traditionally had one house on it is developed and constructed to have two homes (or units / townhouses) on the block of land. Dual occupancy allows the owner of the property to maximise the value of the land with two homes and thus create an investment opportunity.

Dual occupancy is a great solution for those that are ready to downsize and can see the value in giving up their large backyard for that little bit extra financial freedom. Or perfect for the budding investor who is trying to get a leg up, by monetising the equity they have in their own property today.

Come and talk to us about your property development goals and we’ll be able to provide an end to end solution, encompassing:

  • demolition (if required)
  • design of units, duplex or town houses, that suits your block size and orientations.
  • properties that feature a clever use of space for the interior.
  • assistance with abiding to local council design restrictions.
  • assistance with building and town planning permits.

Your new home awaits.


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