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Knock Down Rebuild

Knock Down Rebuild in Melbourne

Knock down rebuild is by far the largest growing sector of home construction in Melbourne’s Bayside, Eastern suburbs and Mornington Peninsula. The sharp rise in land values over the last few years has meant that holding onto your current address and starting with a brand new home are beginning to become financially viable. And saves you the hassle of having to secure a new property when a new house is desired.

Here are the top three reasons why knock down rebuild is coming into vogue:

Get that new home feeling

Imagine the feeling of designing and building your new home, with all of the fixtures and fittings you desire; absolutely no compromises. With the shortage of land available, you may need to move to Pakenham to get it.

When it comes to living where you want to live, you’ll most probably have to buy existing. Often when you buy existing or try to renovate the place you’re currently living in, there are still large sacrifices to be made because the house was designed by somebody other than you. Move into your dream home and start living the lifestyle you want, now.

It can be cheaper than renovating

When it comes to renovating, often there are hidden faults or defects that are only discovered once the work commences. This is a sure fire way to blow the budget on your ‘small renovation’. When all is said and done, renovating could cost as much as a knock down and rebuild, but you’ll still be living in an old home with compromises on design.

Live where you want to ‘live’

With knock down rebuild, you can live where you actually want to live. You can achieve this by knocking down your current place of residence (in that neighbourhood you love and grew up in). Or you can buy an existing property thats seen better days and turn it into your dream home.

Talk to us today about your knock down rebuild dreams. We’re specialists in this field and we can assist with the entire process, end-to-end. From dealing with your local council and submitting permits, to the actual knock down and then the construction of your new home.

Your new home awaits.


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